If you live in Bucharest (or you happen to be here, for either business or pleasure), you are very lucky. Apart from the hundreds of both day and night entertainment opportunities that you can find adorning the city everywhere, discretely positioned in the city center you will find a hidden gem – a very  elegant and cosmopolitan massage salon: Confidential. Just in case you don’t know about it yet, Confidential is an exclusive erotic massage salon which offers some luxurious premises. A wonderful place with an exotic ambiance, where you can feel that pleasure is anything but sin. Here you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, surrendering yourself  to having each and every one of your five senses stimulated.

Pleasure doesn’t have to be taboo, and while you are wondering the city, why not also have the Bucharest erotic massage experience? It will be the perfect addition to your holiday and a wonderful way to destress if you are on a business trip. Confidential promises to not offer anything but high quality service, with discretion, elegance and, of course, sexiness, being their main goals. The girls are enchanting and impossible to choose from
(which will only keep you coming back for more!) and the ambiance is downright intoxicatingly sensual, stimulating your every sense – tasteful decorations blend with the delicate scents floating all around and the appropriate music in the background will mix in to send you directly into a trance of relaxation and pleasure.

Let the girl of your choice guide you to your room, where you can discuss beforehand what kind of experience you wish to share together – whether you want a romantic atmosphere, to take it slow and enjoy every single touch, or you crave something new and more adventurous, at Confidential the hour lasts 90 minutes, so you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself fully.

In Bucharest, erotic massage is taken to the next level here at Confidential. Nowhere else will you find a more discrete, professional service, or masseuses both beautiful and extremely skilled as those we have. Let go of inhibitions and let your true desires come to play, we guarantee you’ll be wanting to come back for more!


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